Who We Are

Spark*l was founded on the idea that fashion is versatile and can extend to even our smart watches. Because of the lack of watches on the market, Spark*l started as most companies do. We created something we wanted for ourselves. We created a band that became an alternative to the purely functional Apple Watch rubber band. We began to incorporate designer canvas into our bands and we found an amazing way to combine the luxury aspect of the designer canvas and the modern bohemian styles of our bands.

We experienced an incredible amount of growth after friends began spreading the word of our wonderful products. We moved into a bigger space, welcomed more artisans into our company, and have been dedicated ever since to changing the future of fashion. Spark*l has been creating and shipping watchbands all the world. Each band is handcrafted with love in San Luis Obispo, CA.

Brand Statement

“To envision a better future for fashion, one of reviving traditional designs, utilizing upcycled materials, and creating new aesthetics. To incorporate the iconic patterns that built the history of designer fashion, while simultaneously capturing a new feeling of modernity and youth by combining the freedom of creativity with southwestern bohemia.”

Our Values

We have incorporated three values into the foundation of our business and our handmade accessories.

01. Purpose

We focus on offering high-quality, luxury fashion that incorporates the iconic canvas of designer brands into our modern, elegant smart watch bands. By crafting our bands from unusable vintage designer bags, we incorporate sustainability into our brand identity and as a foundational value on which we operate. With this focus, we hope to make the idea of sustainable fashion a goal in every fashion company’s mind.

02. Design

We are dedicated to incorporating creativity and originality into our products and our brand. Every accessory is designed and crafted to enhance the look and style of its wearer. We strive to honor the traditional, iconic material of designer brands to give them a new life of modernity and bohemia.

03. Quality

Our accessories are made from upcycled authentic designer canvas that is no longer used. Each designer bag we use is carefully and lovingly deconstructed to be made into our bands. We guarantee that each product is crafted with the highest quality materials: sturdy brass studs, Swarovski crystals, and thick genuine leather. Each accessory is made to last and we are dedicated to finding the perfect accessory for you.

Courtney Anderson


Owner of Spark*l and the original creator of upcycled designer bands for smart watches. She takes inspiration from the iconic designer materials, and creates bands that reflect her love for boho and luxurious fashion. Her vision and style is the soul of Spark*l.

Email: hello@sparklbands.com

Alexa Coleman

Marketing and Operations Manager

The first ever Spark*l employee who grew to be an integral part of the growth of the company. She loves her job and is dedicated to seeing Spark*l change the future of fashion. Alexa is excited about the goals and the direction that Spark*l is heading!  

Email: alexa@sparklbands.com

Emilia Ferrante

Workshop Manager

Emilia graduated from Sacramento State with a Biology degree, but decided to move to SLO to pursue a more creative field in modeling, photography, and fashion. She joined Spark*l just to help out, but eventually became an important part of manufacturing team. She loves working for Spark*l!

Email: emilia@sparklbands.com

Monica Mccall

Production Lead

Monica has a wonderful creative vision and talent for making hand crafted items. Having run her own handmade business, she is the perfect addition to Spark*l! Her drive to create high-quality goods and help the workshop run smoothly has been a great contributor to helping Spark*l grow!

Amy Bryan

Production Assistant

Amy moved from Bakersfield and decided she wanted to work with her hands in a creative environment. So, she joined the Spark*l team! She loves working for Spark*l because it is the perfect combination of luxury and creativity. She enjoys creating the very best for our amazing and loyal customers!

Naomi Grant

Production Assistant

Naomi is a graduate from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising with a degree in fashion design. She is extremely creative with an amazing eye for fashion. Stay tuned to see her future creations! 

Megan Haas

Customer Service Representative 

Born and raised in SLO county, Megan is passionate about family, fashion, and supporting new businesses. New mother to Emma, Megan was excited to join the team creating upcycled bands and supporting the team between nap times and mom life.

Marisa Savage

Graphic Design Intern

Marisa is a senior at Cal Poly who is studying marketing and graphic communication. Passionate about environmental sustainability and design, she is excited to gain hands-on experience with Spark*l. As a company who encompasses her values, she is looking forward to helping Spark*l grow! 



From renovation in the workshop to sewing a bracelet, Poppy is there for us whenever we need him! He is an incredible part of the Spark*l team and we wouldn't be where we are without him!

Sheldon & Khali

Workshop Security/Emotional Support

These cuties are always around to give their much needed emotional support! They take their jobs very seriously, so don't get on their bad side, they might smother you with love!

Contact Us

Unlike other 'designer inspired' manufacturers, we only source authentic designer goods and have a limited quantity we can make at a time. Please respect these designers and only buy authentic. If you have a used authentic designer item that is broken, damaged, or not sparking joy for you and can use a new life, don't create waste and thrown it away. Email us at hello@sparklbands.com and together we create sustainable fashion.