Key Fob with Clasp in Upcycled Micro GG with Ribbon

Key Fob with Clasp in Upcycled Micro GG with Ribbon

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Gucci is a world leader in luxury, and their unique designs make them highly sought after. The Micro GG canvas was a limited print only available between 1980-1989, and the delicate ebony GG on a beige canvas became the perfect vintage pattern. This limited edition canvas was well-loved, and we’ve brought it back to life. Get your own little piece of luxury.

  • Wristlet Key Fob
  • Gucci Micro GG canvas lined in Brown leather
  • Silver Hardware
  • Green and Red ribbon accent
  • Approximately 1" wide and 4" tall
  • Attached to Spark*l Swivel Clasp

All designer fabric is verified by a reputable third party app that provides a Proof of Authentication Certificate. Each band is handcrafted and perfectly unique, so no two items are exactly the same.


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