Spark*l Donates $1,766.17 to The Movemeant Foundation

In June, we paired with the lovely Kiah Twisselman Burchett! 

Kiah goes by Coach Kiah on Instagram. Her 30k followers find daily inspiration and motivation as she focuses on “teaching the mental tools it takes to reach goals, and find self-love.” She lives and breathes her lifestyle as she lost 125lbs naturally by making meaningful and healthful choices and staying active along the way. 

Kiah now helps others on their health journey to remain focused and body-positive along the way. Pairing up with Kiah's selected cause, the Movemeant Foundation was a perfect match for Spark*l's mission to enrich and encourage! Movemeant Foundation helps individuals learn the key to a balanced and—emotionally and mentally—healthy life is a strong relationship to our bodies through fitness and movement.  

If you get a chance to familiarize yourself with, you too will find a community dedicated to changing the lives of girls and women of all ages and backgrounds. Starting with a middle school curriculum focused on the emotional, social, and physical development of girls, grants for entrepreneurs and young adults, and fitness events, Movemeant is making a huge impact on many lives.  

We want to thank Kiah, Movemeant, and most of all, our wonderful Spark*l Squad—you're the ones who help us make these lasting connections possible!


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