Do you have authentic designer bags that are damaged or collecting dust in your closet?

Are you passionate about the environment and want to make a difference?

When you donate, a Spark*l Stylist will work closely with you to create a one-a-kind FREE watchband or bracelet from your donated item. They'll discuss your preferences, understand your unique style, and create a design that captures the essence of your donated bag. We believe that every accessory should tell a story, and with your input, we'll bring that story to life.

Say goodbye to unused bags gathering dust and hello to upcycled accessories that redefine luxury and style.


Already authenticated your bag? Fill out the form.

Why donate your bag to Spark*l?

Spark*l isn't your generic fashion brand. We're a movement that believes in the power of fashion to transform lives and make a positive impact on the environment. Our mission is to give your beloved bags a new lease on life, creating unique and luxurious accessories that you can cherish for years to come.

By donating your bag, you become part of the solution. Instead of letting your bag gather dust in your closet or ending up in a landfill, you can contribute to a circular economy and reduce waste. Not to mention, you'll receive a fabulous Spark*l watchband as a token of our gratitude!

Wearing your new upcycled watchband, you're not just making a fashion statement; you're making a statement for the environment. Together, we can redefine luxury and show the world that sustainability is the ultimate form of style.

Here's how donating your bag works:

Have your bag authenticated with Authenticate First.

Once your bag is approved by our team, we require third party authentication of your bag. Authenticate First is a reputable website to accurately and quickly prove the authenticity of your bag.

To use Authenticate First, all you have to do is create an account for free, start a new order, upload photos of your designer item, and select the option for a Certificate of Authenticity to be emailed to you. After submitting your request, it will take 24 hours for you to receive your certificate. This step is extremely important to maintain Spark*l's commitment to using only 100% authentic designer goods. 


Complete the Customer Form to send us your information.

Fill out the following form to send us all your information to help us start the approval process for your bag. The customer form includes:

  • Your personal information, including full name, email, address, and phone number.
  • Pictures of your bag from different angles, along with its dimensions.
  • Interest in the type of accessory you'd like made from the bag.

A Spark*l Stylist will reach out to organize the donation.

Our team will review your form to approve your donation, as we can only accept bags of certain materials and sizes, and of course, bags that are 100% authentic. Coated canvas or leather is preferred, however, other materials may be accepted. Please email for initial approval prior to authenticating. Please see the bullets below for a few points we consider when approving:

  • Monogrammed or iconic patterns of luxury designers, including but not limited to, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Fendi, Burberry, Goyard, etc.
  • Most designer leather goods, such as handbags, luggage, garment bags, duffle bags, etc.
  • Any varying degree of slightly worn, faded, or completely broken goods. 
  • Only 100% authentic designer goods.
  • Coated canvas or PVC leathers.

We will send over a shipping label & contract.

Yay your bag is officially approved for donation! You are so close to letting us transform your cherished bag's story into a remarkable accessory that stands the test of time.

You will receive a DocuSign Agreement in your email with the terms of the transaction (ie. receive a personalized accessory lovingly crafted from your donated bag), as well as a shipping label. Ship the bag using the label and we will reach out to schedule a Shop with a Stylist appointment!

Design your accessory!

Once we have received your bag, we will reach out to schedule a Shop with a Stylist appointment! Your free upcycled watchband or bracelet includes a standard band; as such, all styles, linings, embellishments, and hardware available in our Post Purchase Experience are included.

However, our Shop with a Stylist option allows you to add additional customizations! Whether it's adding patches, unique zipper pulls, or other personalized touches, our Stylist will work with you to make your accessory truly one-of-a-kind. Please note that customizations beyond the standard overlay/lining combination may incur an additional charge, which will be invoiced separately.

We want to emphasize that your donation plays a significant role in supporting our mission. While we gift you one standard watchband as a thank you, any additional accessories or cuts from your donated bag can be purchased at retail cost during your Shop with a Stylist appointment. This allows us to continue our journey towards sustainability and create more upcycled accessories for others to enjoy.

We can't wait to upcycle with you! Fill out the donation form today and join us in making the world a more sustainable place.