Custom Options

At Spark*l, we  only use the highest quality materials and embellishments. Each accessory is handcrafted and made perfect just for you!

Every accessory is fully customizable, but we want to leave that up to you, so you can create the band of your dreams! All custom options below include the lining of bands (the underside leather), the adapter color for your Apple Watch, the embellishment type and color, and the closure/snap color.

The default hardware option for all bands is the color of your Apple Watch, and the default lining is pictured with the band of your choosing. You can choose whatever combination from the options below in order to create a unique band.

For embellishments, take note: the large crystals and studs are paired with our larger accessories: the cuff styles. The smaller crystals are paired with our smaller accessories: the bow, skinny, small, and sivella bands. 

Feel free to let us know your custom option choices in the notes section when you check out!