Custom Options

At Spark*l, we  only use the highest quality materials and embellishments. Every accessory is fully customizable, but we want to leave that up to you, so you can create the band of your dreams!

Use the options below to help you choose your customizations in the Post Purchase Experience!

Coming from Stylist Services? Below you'll find the customizations available for services listed in Stylist Services. Take a look beforehand to make your Shop with a Stylist appointment super quick and fun!

Customizations Available in Post Purchase

If you do not complete your Post Customization after checkout within one month (30 calendar days), we reserve the right to cancel your open order and credit your purchase to a Spark*l gift card/credit until you are ready to repurchase and customize.

If you are having trouble completing your customizations, our team is ready to help! Please email our concierge staff at or call during business hours (Mon-Sun 8am - 4pm PST) and we would be happy to walk you through your options.

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Edge Paint and Thread [Recovered].png__PID:2730cb19-3ee0-43a8-9574-47717b3cfba5
Edge Paint and Thread [Recovered].png__PID:0c3b4798-9eed-4db9-a1a7-503059ce439b

If you have a watch type not listed, please reach out to

Customizations Not Available in Post Checkout

Edge Paint and Threada [Recovered].png__PID:8a9d8e6a-1f48-4fc0-9d9e-ef341c9c3f68
Edge Paint and Thread [Recovered]-50.png__PID:e5f11abe-67dd-4f08-bd70-2e5a0cf66276

To have access to the Thread and Edge Paint customizations, please make a Shop with a Stylist appointment.