The History and Beauty of Vachetta Leather

At Spark*l, we strive to maintain the highest quality standards with our materials and manufacturing. But we also just want lovers of luxury fashion to be able to wear it in unique and versatile ways!

We recently made a change to incorporate Vachetta leather for all our upcycled Louis Vuitton accessories, which has made our bands more durable and more fashionable. When you buy an upcycled Louis Vuitton product from us, you are given the opportunity to have the band conform to your wrist and to watch the band patina beautifully the more you use it!

Read on if you want to learn more about Vachetta, why we use it, and how to take care of it!


What is Vachetta leather?

 Vachetta leather is a gorgeous untreated calf leather that was made iconic by its match: Louis Vuitton canvas. It is also well known for its patina, which is a darkening of the leather that happens with time and use; it becomes a beautiful honey color. It is an incredible process and good to know that your accessories only get better with age!

Louis Vuitton has their bags’ trim, handles, and piping all made from Vachetta leather, so everyone has their own preferences on how the leather patinas, but no matter what, a bag that has been taken care of and lovingly used, is always stunning. It is always found on Damier Azur and Louis Vuitton Monogram handbags and travel accessories.


Why do we use Vachetta leather?

We care about sustainability (stay tuned for our next post) and supporting lovers of luxury fashion! Using authentic designer goods means that we try to use every part of the bag: the bag studs as earrings, the hooks and buckles for lanyards, and the material for just about everything else! For Louis Vuitton accessories, we now use the Vachetta leather, which is a perfect match for the colors in the fabric and designs.

Also, the more you wear your product, the more comfortable it becomes and the more it patinas! Many other materials are prone to degradation and needing to be replaced. But the Vachetta we use is high quality and known for its durability and aging process!

We use untreated Vachetta that starts as an off white color that makes every material pop. Untreated leather means that the leather has not gone through an extensive treatment process. The treatment process can effect the color, texture, gloss, and durability of the leather. So our Vachetta leather is as natural as possible, allowing you to let your accessory and authentic Louis Vuitton age and patina beautifully.

Here’s a picture of the Natural Leather Apple Watch Band in Vachetta; one when it is first made (on the right) and one when it has been lovingly worn almost everyday for two months (on the left).            


Vachetta is comfortable, soft, and durable. After only a few uses, the leather will conform to your wrist and provide a unique band made just for you.

How Should I Take Care of the Vachetta? 

Because we use untreated leather, keep these tips in mind in order to help your Vachetta accessory age gracefully.


Vachetta is prone to damage through staining or discoloration by water or other environmental causes. A very dark patina can develop in frequently touched places, or if there is residual makeup or lotion on your hands. The leather is quite durable though and will withstand scratches or scuffs from day to day activities. So make sure to avoid the band coming into contact into staining substances.


To keep your beautiful band clean, use unscented baby wipes to carefully wipe down the top surface canvas and leather regularly. You can also buy a trusted leather conditioner that won’t darken the leather. There are also waterproof sprays that you can use to protect the band. Some sprays may darken the band, so be careful to consider the one to buy.

If you get a mark on your band, don’t panic! Dab the mark with unscented baby wipes gently. Do not rub. The stain will usually come out with the baby wipes, but if not, gently moisten the remaining strip of Vachetta to avoid a watermark. Allow to dry, then condition to replenish the leather. If there is a remaining mark, try a magic easer. Gently rub the easer in a singular motion, not back and forth.


If the band become damaged in an irreversible way, then please see this page here for info about our refurbishment program. We will be more than happy to help!

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email us at