Check out “Sunshine” with a Surprise Guest!

Nothing gives us more joy than seeing other women achieve their dreams! Our longtime friendship with the gals in the band Southern Halo have made it so far with their incredible country music!

 The sisters, Natalia (lead vocalist, guitarist), Christina (drums), and Hannah (bass), grew up in Mississippi listening and singing to the incredible Blues artists that played in their area. When they were only around 10 years old, they had already formed a band and were being booked to perform at nearby Blues festivals. They found inspiration and developed their unique sound from other country groups that utilized beautiful harmonies. They’ve played in festivals, won contests, and played on global stages! Energetic, fun, and passionate, this trio is going places!

 Their new music video and song “Sunshine” is so catchy, we at Spark*l can’t stop listening to it! Southern Halo describes the song perfectly as a “groove-oriented, electrified wave of sound that lifts the listener out of the winter doldrums with high-energy musicianship and dynamic sibling harmonies.” We know that it will be a summer hit!

Check out the music video below and see if you can spot our bands! 

These girls are such an inspiration and the perfect girls to wear our bands. We have been so happy to be included on their path to becoming country music legends! Check out their website or their Instagram @ officialsouthernhalo. We hope you love them as much as we do!