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Be a part of the most exclusive club of luxury lovers!

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Join the Spark*l Collective

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Every month, you will be delighted with a carefully selected array of exquisite Spark*l accessories, reserved solely for our cherished subscription members.

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Fashion Meets Philanthropy

 Each month, a portion of proceeds is dedicated to hand-selected charities and nonprofits, ensuring that your passion for fashion aligns with a commitment to social impact.

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Unparalled Value

Each box contains a guaranteed retail value surpassing $700. Indulge in the finest Spark*l accessories knowing that you're poised to enjoy exquisite savings on every glamorous addition to your collection.

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June Edition

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Discover joy in every moment with our newest Sparkl Collective Subscription Box, themed to spread happiness and support Project Happy - "Empowering people with mental health resources." This delightful box features hand-drawn designs of adorable Sparkl Smiles and florals, crafted on 100% waterproof Spartex material. Perfect for summer, this sustainable and durable yet flexible collection brings a touch of creativity and elegance to your everyday adventures.

Embrace the season with a heart full of joy and a spirit of giving, knowing that your subscription helps provide vital mental health resources to those in need.

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