We are a female-founded business that designs and crafts smart watch bands and leather accessories from vintage designer goods. We promote creativity, empowerment, and growth in a beautiful studio environment. We are built on authenticity, sustainability, and integrity, and we work to provide a unique customer experience.

We foster a culture of appreciation, productivity, respect, growth, and reward. We provide a beautiful artisan environment with music, snacks, and employee discounts. We do because we place a high value on the happiness and success of each employee. As a creative company, we thrive and grow by constantly evolving to meet the changing trends in our industry. This translates to continuous shifts and improvements in our practices and methods throughout all phases of our business, requiring our staff to remain open-minded and eager to embrace change as we evolve.

We give back to our community, practice product sustainability, and provide a white-glove experience for our customers while working on location in our studio in San Luis Obispo, CA.


Build relationships with our new customers through Zoom calls, assisting them in designing their unique signature products through our customized website. Create and maintain exceptional relationships with our customers and your concierge support partner. 


  • Connect with new and VIP customers virtually, reviewing their orders, confirming their sizes, and reviewing shipping details. 
  • Using a consultative sales approach, suggest and educate customers on new designs, and discuss additional products available that might compliment their previous purchases. 
  • Build relationships with new and VIP customers, creating a connection, and develop a sincere relationship with our customers by truly caring about their happiness and satisfaction. 
  • Partner with your assigned Concierge Customer Service Coordinator and review challenging orders, discuss customer questions, and review and confirm appointments. 
  • Establish a quiet, clean, well-lit location from which to conduct your business as a Spark*l Stylist. Because you represent our brand, it is vital that you refrain from engaging in any other activity when you are speaking with or engaging a Spark*l customer. This includes caring or engaging with pets or children, smoking or eating, speaking to others off-camera, or leaving the call until the customer has completed their order. 
  • As a Luxury Fashion brand, you are expected to present yourself on camera in a well-groomed manner, with a professionally casual appearance, and approachable, friendly demeanor. 
  • As you engage, educate, suggest, recommend, and actively sell and upsell customers, document the items they select and create an invoice, detailing each item. (Or, Enter each item they select into their website order, and ?share screen for their payment?) Yikes. I don’t know!
  • Log customer questions and replies given as well as follow up to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Learn VIP customers by name and become familiar with their purchase history, likes, and interests within the Spark*l line. 
  • Adhere to all company guidelines with respect to discounts, repairs, replacements, or gifts to customers. All discounts, gifts, or discretionary financial adjustments must be approved in advance by the Concierge Manager. 


  • At least 3+ years of successful experience in Customer Service, Inside Sales, or as a Concierge
  • Must love people, Fashion, and Sales. This is a sales position, but you are not selling. You are creating strong friendships with customers who will rely on you to help them choose products. Your success depends on your ability to identify their needs. Then educate, suggest, and recommend products specific to your customer based on their needs, their budget, and most importantly, their personal style. 
  • You have a keen ability to solve problems independently, and seek direction when needed
  • Firm adherence to policy, knowing when to request an exception
  • Articulate communicator. Your verbal and written communication style is clear and concise. You are a patient listener 
  • Staying on pace with your appointments is critical. You are an efficient time manager and you get things done. You can gracefully exit a call when your schedule requires you to visit with another client, and you can leave each customer feeling deeply respected and cared about. They feel this because you sincerely respect and care about your customers. 
  • Learn quickly and adjust to change without resistance. 
  • Train others and share your knowledge. 
  • Collaborate in a fun and positive work culture.
  • Adhere to our safety policies at all times without exception. 

Other Responsibilities 

Support all company objectives. Embrace opportunities to collaborate, assist, and learn new skills in other departments with a smile. See and understand the big picture, and resist siloed thinking. Contribute where contribution is needed, regardless of your job description.

As needed, all staff members will be asked to participate in the production phase of creating and shipping our products during peak seasons. Please be prepared to accept overtime requests during those days or weeks and join us in meeting the high demand for our spectacular products! 
All staff members will be asked to participate in the production phase of creating and shipping our products during peak seasons. Between Thanksgiving and our shipping deadline in mid-December, no vacation time will be granted and all staff members will be asked to accept overtime requests. Please be prepared to accept overtime during these and other times of high demand for our spectacular products, and join your teammates as we appreciate working together through another wonderful season of Spark*l.

Job Specifics:

  • Hourly plus commission/ Appointments pre-scheduled.  
  • Full-Time position. Flex schedule, remote, within commuting distance to attend occasional meetings on-site. 
  • Eligible for holiday and sick pay from the first day of employment. 
  • Your position is also eligible for 10 days of paid vacation after 1 years of employment.
  • Eligible to participate in our generous Benefits plan which includes Medical, Dental, Vision, and Life insurance, after a brief waiting period. 

We are committed to a work environment that supports, inspires, and respects all individuals. We believe in personnel processes that are merit-based and applied without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, age, disability, national or ethnic origin, or military service status, or other protected characteristic, making us an equal opportunity employer beyond what is required by law. We do this because it’s the right thing to do. It’s just who we are.