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This Start Guide refers exclusively to our watchbands, that we offer for Apple Watch, Samsung, Fitbit, and Google Pixel. If you have questions or need help with purchasing our other accessories, such as our jewelry, please reach out to our Concierge Team by emailing hello@sparklbands.com, or calling or texting (805) 626-0511.

About the Company

Spark*l is a female-founded business built on sustainability, authenticity, and integrity. Those values are not only incorporated into every accessory we design, but also in our company culture and our partnerships.

 Spark*l was founded on the idea that fashion is versatile and can extend to even our smart watches. We created a band that became an alternative to the purely functional Apple Watch rubber band. Once we began to incorporate designer canvas into our bands, we found an amazing way to combine the luxury aspect of the designer canvas and the modern bohemian styles of our bands.

We experienced an incredible amount of growth after friends began spreading the word of our wonderful products. We moved into a bigger space, welcomed more artisans into our company, and have been dedicated ever since to changing the future of fashion. Spark*l has been shipping watchbands all around the world. Each band is handcrafted with love in San Luis Obispo, CA.

Choosing a Watchband


We have two categories of watchbands, Ready to Ship items and Customizable items.

Ready to Ship items, once you purchase, are ready to be put into a box and shipped to you. You can choose to change certain customizations, but the item is ready to go or nearly ready to go.

If you're looking for accessories available for quick shipping, check out ReSpark*l! This is our customer empowered marketplace for buying and selling pre-love Spark*l accessories! Check it out!

Customizable items, once you purchase, are available to be fully customized, either through our Post Purchase Experience or a Shop with a Stylist Appointment


Use the handy chart below to understand all the differences between each of the product types we offer, as well as find which would be best for you! 

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1 Shop our Ready to Ship collection.
2 Shop ReSpark*l.
3 Shop our New Drops collection.
4 Book your Shop with a Stylist appointment.
5 See our Customization Menu.
6 See our Custom Options.


There are eight available customizations for watchbands. This includes Band Style, Wrist Size, Lining Leather, Accent Leather, Watch Type, Hardware Color, Embellishment Size, and Embellishment Type (we'll go into detail what these mean and what we offer for each customization). 

Ready to Ship items have all of their customizations already decided, but we are able to change Watch Type, Hardware Color, Embellishment Size, and Embellishment Type. Customizable items are able to be fully customized.

Don’t worry! All customizations will be chosen AFTER you purchase your band, in our post-purchase Customization Experience. This interactive band building toolbox will help you create the band of your dreams.


You may see these terms in the product’s description, hear them from the Live Show or the Concierge team, or you may just be wondering how to talk about certain parts of the accessory. See the graphic below for the anatomy of our watch bands (the bands below showcase the Band Style customization, don’t worry too much about the style difference now, just see how the terms are pretty much the same for all three styles!). 

Please book a Shop with a Stylist appointment if you would like to choose custom overlay and lining combinations.


Our collections are grouped by the designers, leathers, canvases, or fabrics used to craft the watch band, and we have so many amazing leathers available!


This collection includes our wearable art accessories. Each design is hand-drawn and digitally painted by our Artisans, then proprietarily printed to transform our accessories into wearable masterpieces.



Checking Out

Congrats! You decided on a beautiful band that you’ll be able to truly make your own. You have a few different shipping options; our free standard shipping, priority shipping, overnight shipping, or international shipping. Please note that choosing a faster shipping rate does not mean that production time will also be faster. After you complete the Customization Experience, standard production time for Ready to Ship items is 2-3 days and Customizable items is 3-4 weeks. Please see the In-Production section for more info. 

Customization Experience

Now the real fun starts! You’ll receive an email prompting you to “Customize” your band. You’ll be taken to our interactive Customization Experience, which is your own band building tool box. Once you click “Customize” you’ll be walked through each step with advice and tutorials to help you create the band of your dreams. You’ll be able to see different hardware colors, embellishment types, and band styles look with the leather you chose. Once you choose your customizations, you can also save them as a preset to make it even easier the next time you purchase!

Please note: no matter if you purchased a Ready to Ship or Customizable item, you MUST complete the Customization Experience before we can begin handcrafting your accessory.

If you do not complete your Post Customization after checkout within one month (30 calendar days), we reserve the right to cancel your open order and credit your purchase to a Spark*l gift card/credit until you are ready to repurchase and customize.

If you are having trouble completing your customizations, our team is ready to help! Please email our concierge staff at hello@sparklbands.com or call during business hours (Mon-Sun 8am - 4pm PST) and we would be happy to walk you through your options.

For Ready to Ship bands
, you will be prompted to choose to change the Watch Type, Hardware Color, Embellishment Size, and Embellishment Type ONLY.

For Customizable bands, you will be prompted to choose every available customization, which includes Band Style, Wrist Size, Watch Type, Hardware Color, Embellishment Size, and Embellishment Type.



Layered Sivella Band

Layered Bow Band

Layered Cuff Band

Sleek Sivella Band

Sleek Bow Band

Sleek Cuff Band


We are size inclusive! If your size is not within this range, please make a Shop with a Stylist appointment to find your custom size.


Choose your lining from our list of available linings. Check out our full list.
Want a custom lining or one not on our list? Make a Shop with a Stylist appointment now!


Accent leather includes the Tabs for Cuff styles or the Keeper for Sivella styles. There is no accent leather customization for Bow styles. The accent leather can be made from either the overlay leather or the lining leather.


See supported Smart Watches below.

Apple Watch 38-41mm, Apple Watch 42-49mm

Samsung 40-44mm (20mm pins), Samsung 46mm (22mm pins)

Fitbit Versa 2, Fitbit Versa 3, Fitbit Sense 1/Versa 4

Fitbit Charge


Includes color of Adapters, Embellishment Casings, and Buckles/Snaps.

Rose Gold



Yellow Gold


Small Embellishment

Large Embellishment


See the full updated list of Embellishments >


Once you are officially done customizing your band, our artisans will take it from there! Because every one of our high quality accessories is lovingly handcrafted by our expert artisans in San Luis Obispo, CA, your Customizable accessory will take 3-4 weeks to be cut, sewn, embellished, and shipped. If you ordered a Ready to Ship item, it will take about 2-3 days to be shipped. You’ll receive shipping updates so you’re never kept out of the loop! 


Your accessory will be shipped based on the rate you chose at checkout. You’ll receive a shipping confirmation email and tracking info once it leaves our studio!

Receiving Your Band

Yay! You’ve received your very own Spark*l band! Now time to put it on and never take it off! Here’s some handy info to make sure everything fits exactly how it’s supposed to and to make sure that your band lasts for a very long time. Make sure to try your band out with all sizing adjustments to find what fits you best and make sure it attaches easily to your Smart Watch.


You’ve invested in beautiful Spark*l luxury bands and accessories. With the right care, these unique goods are designed and hand-crafted to last you for many years to come.

Click the button below for some guidelines to help your Spark*l items retain their natural beauty.



Something not right? We’re happy to help! You have 3 days from when you received your band to make an exchange or return.

Click the button below to see our full policy.


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